2 free tips for Facebook ADS

Facebook ADS, an important marketing chance

If you use social media in your work, you cannot think to make a strategic plan without Facebook ADS. Although this social media has many negative sides (like the privacy’s absence), you must include Facebook in your marketing’s strategy, because people spend many of their free time on them.
As a social media manager, you have to reach people and communicate them something interesting, something that direct them to view your Ad and say “Mmmh, nice post, who is this company?” or “Wow, this product is fantastic, I want to buy it!”

To do easier this, today I’ll show you two free tips for Facebook ADS. These tips are perfect for saving time, money and to increase your returns.

1. The Facebook ADS Manager App

To best manage your ADS when you aren’t on the PC, you can use the Facebook ADS Manager App for mobile device. Thanks to this app, you will be able to create new ads by using the existing post on your facebook page or by using your device’s images.


Moreover, you will be able to edit them, to analyze your ads’s performances and to revise the budget and the schedules. A simply way to keep control in every moment of the day.
That’s free and available both on App Store and Google play.

2. Exclude target from ADS

It seems to be a strange thing but isn’t it. When you create a campaign, you have to set your right reference audience to achieve the best results. To do this, sometimes you must exclude some segments.

For example, let’s say that I manage a company Facebook page and I have to increase the like to this page. While I create the campaign to obtain more like, I must exclude those who like the page yet. In this way, they won’t see the campaign and I will increase the “like” from the other users. Furthermore, you will reduce the money spent.

Do you use yet these tips? Let me know your opinion!

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